The Miss Behave Gameshow

11 - 20 Jan | Backstage Social Club


Hello Christchurch. We are so very sorry we didn't make it last year, but guess what? We are 100% coming this year!

Direct from Las Vegas, via the Sydney Opera House, the award winning global smash-hit cult sensation is coming to play!

New games, new mischief, new prizes…and everyone’s a winner! Remember to briiiing-briiiiing your phone!

The Miss Behave Gameshow is bringing its award winning chaotic brew of variety, competition and disco that has made it an international smash hit back to Christchurch!

The formula? Simple: Miss Behave, comedy’s reigning Queen of Anarchy, divides the audience into two teams according to their mobile phones. A series of challenges ensue. 

There are no rules - just some questionable prizes. 

It’s fast and frenzied fun where - relieved of inhibitions and encouraged to let loose - the audience is the star of the show.

Both technologically savvy, and a deliberately lo-fi aesthetic and production, it is razor sharp satire and a guilty pleasure rolled into one. As the game unfolds, a Lord of the Flies competitive drive and a realization that no one is in charge results in a highly interactive audience working as one.

Suitability Rated: PG

Presented by: Miss Behave