The Male Gayz LIVE

8 Feb | Bread & Circus


As seen on TVNZ ON Demand – Comedians Eli Matthewson and Chris Parker in a special live recording of their infamous podcast!

New Zealand’s comedy sweethearts Chris Parker and Eli Matthewson are returning to their hometown for a special live recording of their hit podcast THE MALE GAYZ.

It took 8 years of their friendship for them to both come out to each other, and despite talking about weekly in their infamous podcast, there’s still so much to catch up on.

You’ve heard the podcast, and watched the TV show, now is your chance to catch these gayz in the flesh, as they dish out the Fact of the Gay, Queen of the Week and the hottest takes on things they only kind of understand.

If you listen to the podcast, you would be a total fool to miss out on this! 


Suitability Rated: M

Presented by: Presented in association with Little Empire Podcast

Rated: M