Deacon the Vampire LIVE - 188 Years of Bullshit

14 -16 Feb | Bread & Circus


You saw him on What We Do In The Shadows, now join him as he recounts 188 years of bullshit.

For so long DEACON THE VAMPIRE has missed the gentle touch of his long lost love Lucy. Lucy was the best! So funny and clever, such a ball breaker and what a dancer! They were so happy together, or so he remembers.

Recently cracks have begun creeping through the perfection of his precious memories. Like when he offered to bite her so they could live together forever, she seemed so happy she fell off her chair laughing. And the time he made her sneak to the shops for clean dishes and birthday cake candles only to be arrested by the Nazis never to be seen again. For 60 cold dark years Deacon searched for her.

But now there is one last place to look, that place no one dares to look for fear of what they will find. Deacon must peer into the deep dark cracks of his dusty self? Only there will he find the truth. It might be sexy, but it won’t be pretty.

Suitability Rated: M

Presented by: Presented in association with Jonny Brugh and Toby Leach

Rated: M